Breathing guidance and mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness, which is popular all over the world, is the best emotional healing solution to deal with social pressure, emotional anxiety and depression at present. Through scientific breathing guidance and mindfulness meditation, it can help us calm our emotions, reduce heart rate and reduce stress to a certain extent.

What is breathing guidance and mindfulness meditation?


Mindfulness can be described as the concentration and awareness of the perception experience at this moment. Breathing guidance is a mindfulness meditation method that guides consciousness by focusing on breathing, which helps to quickly relax the mind and become aware of itself. Through meditation, no matter what we experience is in our mind, or emotional experience, physical feeling, or experience in daily life, we only focus on them, but only perceive, without judgment.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation and breath guidance


· Reduce anxiety · Reduce pressure · Helps sleep · Improve focus · Improved memory · Reduce mood swings · Improve cognitive flexibility · Improve interpersonal relationships

The voice that advocates mindfulness meditation


· The National Institute of Health and Nursing (NICE) recommends mindfulness meditation to help alleviate mental illness, chronic pain, insomnia, stress and other problem.

· Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) shows that mindfulness meditation can activate the immune response in a large area and can be used to prevent some chronic immune related diseases.

· The National Center for Biotechnology Information recommends that stress relief based on mindfulness and meditation can be used to relieve primary chronic insomnia.

· Research from Harvard Medical School shows that deep breathing can bring a sense of relaxation.

· The Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine shows that meditation can help lower blood pressure.